Vat Repayments to Farmers?

Farmers, are you fully aware of the items that you can claim back vat on? If your answer is no to the above then you may be losing out.

Farmers who are not registered for vat can still claim vat back on land improvements, work on farm buildings and equipment.

Any construction, alteration, restoration or extension to buildings may qualify for this refund as long as its main purpose is for the purpose of the farming buildings.

Other areas such as land drainage and land improvements/reclamation which is carried out for use in a farm business may also qualify.

To get this refund you will need to provide a detailed description of the work carried out.

At CPC & Co we are expert at making these vat submissions for farmers please contact us urgently if you think you could recover Vat costs on any construction, alteration, restorative, extension or development work.