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We Provide First Class Outsourcing Services to Accountancy Firms, Tax Firms And Finance Departments

We allow our customers to increase their flexibility and reduce their costs by using our specialist outsourcing services. We have helped our clients reduce their overhead costs by over a third .

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  • Specialising in:
  • Outsourced Accounts Preparation
  • Financial Outsourcing

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“Simply Put Outsourcing To CPC Reduced Our Labour Time And Costs”
-Accountant Top 40 Firm Based In Euston, London
“CPC’s Competitive Fee’s Have Given Us An Edge Over Our Competitors”
-Accountancy Firm Based In Liverpool St, London
“Reliable & Efficient, They Support Our Tax Compliance And Advisory Side”
-Tax Boutique Firm Based In Mayfair, London

Outsourcing was once the preserve of the biggest companies – but now businesses of all sizes recognise the benefits involved. CPC Outsourcing specialises in working with SME’s in the Accounting and Financial Services sector. Here, the outsourcing model is popular due to the high potential value of an employee’s time. Put simply, an hour spent on manual processing of information is an hour lost to revenue generation activities. Clearly, this is in addition to the lower resourcing costs, better controls and improved processes that outsourcing can bring. We provide flexibility and expertise, outsourcing to us provides access to a wide breadth of skills and experience – as a one-off, or as part of a long-term business support relationship.

Big Four Trained Staff, Without The Big Four Price-Tag



Benefits Of Outsourcing To CPC:

  • – Allows You To Focus On Growing Your Practice
  • – Reduces Your Staff Costs
  • – Flexible Reliable And High Quality Service
  • – We Have The Capacity And Expertise To Service Your Company’s Needs


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