tax refundIt’s P60 time, get a tax refund today!

I’m sure many people are receiving P60’s at present. Don’t just file it away, send us your P60 today in order to unlock your tax refund and get some of your hard earned cash back in your back pocket.

Our Process:

We check your tax history to ensure we get a refund where possible for our clients. We offer a strict no refund to you, no charge from us policy. We typically review the last four years of your tax history to identify the maximum tax rebate available.

Our service areas include:

  • Basic Income Tax Review
  • Basic USC Review
  • Extra Refunds for Medical Card
  • Tax Back for Renting

Individuals are due a Tax Refund for Renting if you are renting from:

  • A Landlord
  • or an Estate Agent
  • or a Room in a Friends house
  • And have been renting continuously since December 7th 2010. Tax Refunds for rent are no longer available to those who only started renting after that date.


  • Tax Back for Bins

While this Tax Credit is not available since 2012, we can still claim this for you for 2011 and get you a Tax Refund.  The Tax Refund is typically 20% of the amount you paid for your service charges, up to €80 per year. The Services charges tax credit is available for what you have spent on:

  • Charges for local water schemes
  • Waste Disposal charges at a dump
  • Bin Collection Charges


  • Refunds for Medical Expenses

With the Medical Expenses Tax Credit you get a refund of 20% of the cost of most medical bills from tax paid.  That’s €20 for every €100 spent.  So what type of Medical Expenses can you get a refund of?

Eligible Medical Expenses

What Medical Expenses can be claimed against your tax?  Here are examples of expenditure that can be claimed, but make sure to check with our experts if your expenses are eligible.

  • Doctors Bills
  • Prescription Charges
  • Hospital Bills
  • Most Dental Expenses (see below for more on this)
  • Nursing Home Costs
  • Physio or Orthoptic treatment prescribed by a practitioner
  • ‘In vitro’ Fertilisation (IVF) treatment
  • Education, Speech and Language Therapy for kids
  • Certain costs for Coeliac & diabetes sufferers.
  • Certain appliances required for medical care
  • Certain expenses incurred in the course of medical care

Always keep your receipts for the required 6 years, so you will not have a problem with Revenue Audits.

What if my Medical Insurance Foots Part of the Bill?

If part of your eligible medical bills are paid for by medical insurance – or compensation claim – this part of your medical insurance is not eligible.  But the part you do not get recompensed IS claimable against your tax. Routine dental expenses are not allowed  – these include, Cleaning, Check-ups, Scaling, Fillings and extractions.

  • Refunds for Marital Status
  • Refunds for Children
  • Tax Refunds for Dependent Relative

A dependent relative tax credit can be claimed by an individual if he / she maintains at his / her own expense:

(a)    A relative of his / her or of his / her spouse who is incapacitated by old age or infirmity from maintaining himself / herself, or

 (b)   His / her or spouse’s widowed parent, or

 (c)    His / her son or daughter who is resident with him / her and upon whom he / she is dependent by reason of old age or infirmity.

  • Other Personal Tax Credits
  • Tax Refunds for Redundancy

In a redundancy situation, you could be due a refund for the following:

  • Overpaid USC
  • Overpaid Income Tax
  • Missing Top Slicing Relief (for redundancies up to 2013)
  • Incorrectly calculated Top Slicing Relief

This is simply a summary of the rebates that we have received for clients. There are many more available. Email to get an application form or call 023-8841899 and ask for a member of our tax rebate team and remember no rebate to you no fee from us .