Change Accountants Today

For some changing accountants sends a shiver down their spine. Change is an unwelcome intruder for most people. We love the comfort of things staying the same and find change an irritant that’s difficult to cope with. Even the most entrepreneurial business owners and decision makers often prefer to accept the ‘status quo’ of an existing relationship with their accountant while they are driving forward new ideas and projects. Even if they are not totally happy with the situation, the chances are they would rather put up with it than make a change, especially those who believe all accountants are the same.Time and again we hear of entrepreneurs complaining to their buddies over a beer, but when asked a simple question “why don’t you move your account” nine times out of ten they respond with something along the lines of “I couldn’t possibly leave Harry. I’ve been with him for years!”

Crazy isn’t it? Well, yes. And no.

You see, many business people still see their relationship with their accountant as a very personal one, and rightly so. Usually something really drastic has to happen to make them move. There’s also a common perception that all accountants are the same. They all have a qualification and they all produce the same set of accounts at the end of the year. They are a necessary expense that every business has to endure. This article looks at the top six reasons people stay with their existing accountant and challenges those misconceptions.Changing-accountants3


  1. Firstly, “we use a LOCAL firm who are just around the corner”

One of the most common reasons for sticking with a current firm is that they are local. Of course these days thanks to ever-improving online technologies, accountants don’t need to be on your doorstep to give you great service. They can work from anywhere. They can be in the Outer Hebrides and do all your accounting/ bookkeeping, and give you as much advice as you need by email or phone. You can even have regular video-conferences or skype calls so they are involved in your business, almost like a virtual FD.

 2.“We are CONTENT with what has always been in place.”

We believe contentment breeds complacency and in a business critical area such as accounting this is a costly mistake. Given the opportunity to meet with you we can take you through just how we make a real difference to our customers and their bottom line

   3.“We TRUST our current accountants – and won’t know a new firm.”

All relationships require trust from both sides and not least the area of accounting and financial planning. We are a professionally qualified firm with a proven track record working with clients of all sizes. When working through our Easy-change programme we will explain our experience, qualifications and structure so that you can trust us and our entire team.

  4.“ We’re RELUCTANT to change and LIKE the status quo.”

Reluctance to change is understandable, but recognising the benefits of change is essential. Without reviewing other alternatives you simply do not know what you are missing out on.

  5. We don’t want the IRRITATION of upheaval or someone new learning our processes”

We recognise this and have developed a unique Easy-change programme which will minimise interruption and irritation for YOU. This programme enables our team to learn the essentials of your business and how to improve the current process with minimal irritation and upheaval from you. Any short term investment of time from you will be more than compensated for by new ideas and new focus on your profitability.

 6.“We settle for POOR SERVICE because the bill is cheap”

The truth is you are almost certainly paying more for this ‘cheap bill’ through poor strategic advice, inflated tax bills, little or no financial planning and potentially woeful business systems. If your view is truthfully to pay the least possible for the minimum you can get away with – we are probably not right for each other. However if you have simply paid a low fee to your current firm because you didn’t know what else was on offer we would love the opportunity to meet with you.

Our unique process to changing accountancy firms.

If you’re at the end of your tether or have made the decision to change, just contact us and we’ll do everything else:change accountants2

Easy Change Process:

  • Get a great accountant – step 1: We will contact your current accountant (so you don’t have any embarrassing goodbyes!) and explain that you are moving your business to Charles P Crowley & Co. We’ll even draft a brief note from you to your old accountants to confirm the move.
  • Changing accountancy firms – step 2: We will arrange for any of your books or records which they currently hold to be transferred to us
  • Charles P Crowley & Co get your accounts – step 3: We will obtain copies of your accounts and tax computations from them
  • We let the powers that be know for you – step 4: We will advise the Irish Revenue or HMRC and any other government offices that we’re looking after your affairs.

Still not convinced?

Change is a vital part of long-term commercial success. By making changes, you’ll make breakthroughs; you’ll see different, better and more profitable ways of doing things in the short term whilst planning deliberately for the long term.

Every company wants to do more than just survive, it needs to be competitive. Lack of change often leads to complacency and in the mistaken belief that you are currently getting the best available service from your accountant, you miss out on new, more exciting and more profitable opportunities.


Take the initiative and call us on 023-8841899 or email for a totally free consultation or a free quote. At Charles P Crowley & Co we understand the difficulties associated with change and will help you work through them. We also recognise the significant benefits you will receive by changing to a more future-focused, business-orientated accountancy firm, a firm which will help you reach your business and personal goals more quickly and more profitably.