“A sale isn’t a sale till it’s paid for.” Cash flow is the very lifeblood of a business and cash doesn’t flow unless debts are collected. Yet how many SME’S outsource their credit control function or have an internal credit control team? Late payers can seriously affect a company’s cashflow and access to the normal lines of credit can be virtually impossible for many SME’s. Without effective credit control systems in place your business runs the risk of having to juggle finances to meet internal payment deadlines or resorting to othercredit control forms of finance to facilitate cash flow requirements which results in the business incurring interest and charges. Time and costs savings made by outsourcing your credit control process can be used to focus on your core business and generate more revenue for your business.


Our Solution

At Charles P Crowley (CPC) Accountants Ltd we offer a complete Credit Control Service where we can operate as either a third party or as your company’s credit control department and seamlessly become an extension of your business delivering all calls, emails and documentation in your company’s name.


Our service is the unique in that it is tailored to the requirements of each business. At the outset we discuss the creditworthiness of your debtors with you in advance of planning our strategy. More persistent frustrating debtors are identified as red debtors, a specific strategy is decided upon for these debts. Debtors that are engaging and are less than 90 days are identified as orange debtors and newer debtors less than 60 days are identified as green debtors. Our strategy is tailored depending on the age of the debt and your history with your customer.


Many businesses find that the task of asking for payment can be quite stressful as there is a need to protect customer relationships but still a need to be paid on time. There is little point in selling goods or a providing a service if there is little chance of payment. Consequently, we at Charles P Crowley (CPC) aim to remove the stress and time consuming task of collecting outstanding payments, give you back more control of your business and build a trusting working relationship with your customers.


We offer a bespoke credit control solution tailored specifically to your company’s needs:

  •  setting up accounts
  •  raising invoices
  •  sending out monthly statements
  •  reconciliation of accounts
  •  credit control
  •  accurate reporting
  •  legal letters administration
  •  registered posting of legal letters


Contact Us

Have you got a customer that won’t pay? I assume you have better things to do than spend your time chasing them, then it could be time to outsource your credit control to Charles P Crowley & Co (CPC) we will discuss your needs and priorities in the strictest confidence. We pride ourselves on our professional, courteous, efficient and reliable approach and assure you that we care about your business as much as you do.

For further information contact 023-8841899 or email caroline@charlespcrowley.com