Have you worked in the UK?

If you were a UK PAYE (Pay as You Earn) worker, such as a receptionist, engineer, nurse or teacher, your employer will  have deducted tax from your earnings.  In our experience many now Irish resident individuals that previously worked in the UK were due UK tax back if:

  • You incurred work-related expenses
  • You didn’t work a full tax year (if you come back midway through the year you may still be entitled to your full year tax allowances)
  • You were made redundant
  • You were on an emergency tax code
  • You worked on a ship and qualify for the seafarers earnings deduction.

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To apply for a UK tax rebate you will need either your P45 or P60 and details of any work-related expenses. We can help you with everything else.

Irish Seafarers Working in the UK Sector

If you’re an Irish Seafarer being paid by a UK company, it’s likely that full UK PAYE was or is being deducted from your wages. Seafarers, however, can avail of certain deductions which mean you could be in line for a refund; in some circumstances the refund can be 100% of the UK tax paid. However, you may have to pay UK National Insurance, but because you pay it in the UK, you won’t pay PRSI in Ireland.

Seafarers Earning Deduction (SED)

In prior years, the Seafarers Earnings Deduction (SED) was only available to seafarers ordinarily resident in the UK. From 6 April 2011 however the SED became available to all residents of the EEA. As a result, if you meet the relevant conditions you could be eligible to claim a significant refund.


Even if you don’t qualify for SED but you’re also not resident in the UK, you may still be due a refund in respect of non-UK duties.

Visiting the UK

You can visit the UK without becoming resident again – depending on why you visit and how long you visit for.If you work full-time abroad, you can usually visit the UK for up to 90 days – as long as you work no more than 30 of these days.

You might become a UK resident again if you start new activities in the UK after you’ve left, eg. you get involved in a business or buy a new property. We can check your residence status for you, if you’re not sure how your activities in the UK affect your status.

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